The new extension at the backside of this beautiful city villa, build during the 1930's, formed the inspiration point for the new garden layout. The extension, designed with respect for the present architecture, consists out of two extensions with two roofs at different levels that intertwine. This difference in levels is also represented in the garden design to solve the difference in height between ground-floor level and the garden itself.

This design solution results in an dynamic garden design consisting out of two intimate outside spaces at three different levels. Knowing; porch terrace at ground-floor level, dinner terrace at a lower level and a lounge terrace including pond and waterfeatures at the lowest garden level.

All levels are connected with each other bij oversized wooden steps. The designed structure of trees and hedges enhances the intimacy of the two outside spaces. The boat deck entrance knows a ingenious solution with a retaining wall, placed at the end of the dining terrace, with two staircases at the back of the wall leading to the boat deck and entrance to the open water.      



Panamalaan 1A

1019 AS Amsterdam​

Tel: 00-31-(0)6-14992376

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