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Tuinontwerp, landschappelijke tuin, Studio-b-gardens

The small village of Holysloot, under the smoke of its large neighbor Amsterdam, is located in an authentic peat meadow area. Ditches, meadows, open water, pollard willows and reed borders are the landscape ingredients. This is the archetype of the Dutch landscape.

The back of the garden borders on the Holysloter Die, a peat lake and forms the landscape side of the plot. The front side of the garden has a small scale village atmosphere. The village side of the plot. The design of this garden acts as the intermediary between these two characters. From large landscape scale side to small village side scale


At the rear side , the Dutch peat meadow landscape forms the backdrop  on which  the design of this part of the garden is based. Natural featuring planting of high ornamental grasses, pollard willows and indigenous butterbur give this side of the garden a natural feel. 

At the front side, the feeling  is more gardenesque and on a smaller scale, with ornamental planting of hydrangea, hemerocallis, geranium, rudbeckia and large-leaved hostas in line  with the village character.

The design is further characterized by a sturdy articulated hedge structure, creating various garden spaces, long lines and viewing axes on the landscape and various seating areas for an optimal garden and landscape experience.



Panamalaan 1A

1019 AS Amsterdam​

Tel: 00-31-(0)6-14992376

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