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Texel, tuinontwerp, duintuin

The inspiration for this garden on the island of Texel lies in the beauty of the coastal landscape: dunes, swaying grassy areas, maritime pines and pile rows.

The front garden is divided into three garden areas by sturdy pile rows of oak posts; parking, entrance and ornamental garden. From the parking lot isa long axis, running parallel to the house and also runs through the oak posts, ending with a view of a two-stemmed maritime pine (Pinus nigra). That is placed on a sloping ground area.

In order to reflect the architecture of the house in the garden and for spatial articulation, a garden wall has been placed on part of the property boundary with indents into the garden. On the side terrace (south side) of the house, a fireplace has been incorporated into this garden wall for long evenings by the fireplace. At the rear of the house, the garden wall protrudes into the garden, retains the ground and is staggered. Between these staggered walls is a spacious wooden staircase installed with a maritime pine (Pinus nigra) on the central plateau to bridge the height difference of 1.50 meters. The lower part of the backyard is embedded between sloping ground areas planted with Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kleine Silberspinne’.


​Tuin ontworpen voor Wolterinck in Laren,


Panamalaan 1A

1019 AS Amsterdam​

Tel: 00-31-(0)6-14992376

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